TBB ASKS ~ October Fall 2.0

Hey there everyone!  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but since it’s starting to feel a little like Fall, I felt it was a good time for me to post about my favorite fall things.  I am joining The Blending Blog in the quest for learning all the things we love about fall. I’m a little behind the game with their questionnaire, but I’m sure they won’t mind me tagging along!


  1.   My favorite fall color(s) are gold, grey, and black.
  2.   If I drink apple cider, it has to be hot.  The rich taste is enhanced by the warmth.
  3.   Caramel Apples?  Yes, indeed!  I love caramel and I love apples!  
  4.   Pumpkin donuts or Apple Cider donuts?  Well, I’ve never heard of apple cider   donuts, so I would have to go with pumpkin donuts.  This is something I have tried   and loved before.  I mean, who doesn’t love pumpkin?  🙂
  5.   I am really not a cardigan person.  I know that may seem strange, but I did wear     them when I was younger.
  6.   Okay, so I have to brag a little right now because my sausage dip is always a treat at fall gatherings!  I brown some breakfast sausage and then mix it with Rotel tomatoes with chilies and cream cheese.  You can bake it or put it in a crock pot and WOW your guest as well!
  7.   Orange pumpkins for sure!  Keep it authentic!
  8.   Hayride or Bonfire?  I think I would like to do both!  I haven’t been on a hayride since my boys were little. Bonfire are always nice.
  9.   My favorite fall baked goods are my moms pecan and potato pies!  My mom would bake them every year and everyone loves them!  She doesn’t bake as much as she used to, so the recipe has been passed on to me!
  10.   My most anticipated Fall activity is Thanksgiving with my family!  It is my favorite time of year and to have family home from all over is such a treat!

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