Coffee Talk Confession

Coffee Talk Confession

Opening up and being RAW. I’ve been going through a lot lately; Physically and emotionally. Forty-seven has brought so many changes in my life. My body aches from time to time and my soul has been stirred. Many changes taking place, but I know the Lord is leading my path. Opening up can be hard at times. It’s like walking in the nude…NAKED. Underneath this smiling face lies uncertainty and sometimes sadness mixed with a lot of frustration. Sadness about our world today and sadness for events in my surroundings. I know that this too shall pass, as it always does.

Can you picture me shy and nervous, unready to take on the world? This trait has begun to pop up in my life from time to time. I noticed the uneasiness one day while working with a customer who was becoming agitated about not being able to return their items previously purchased. “I’m only following the rules ma’am”. “You don’t have to be so mean”…my thoughts. Parents calling to complain that things are not being handled properly with their children. Later to find that things were done correctly from the beginning. My area of work is a challenging one.

Not being able to share my voice for injustices brought towards me. Biting the tongue of anger causing emotional distress resulting in anxiety. ANXIETY! There, I said it! I at times suffer from anxiety. Fleeting anxiety, but anxiety nonetheless. It will sneak up on me unexpectedly and momentarily hang around. I didn’t know what to make of it at first. When confronted with challenges, the physical aspect would arise. The hand shakes and feelings of uncertainty…what is this? I instantly calm myself, but where did this come from? How long will it linger?

Funny how life is…

Have you ever suffered from anxiety? What do you do to cope?

8 thoughts on “Coffee Talk Confession

  1. Hey sweet lady…so sorry you are in a stormy season. I will tell you my anxiety has ramped up the past several years and I believe a lot of mine is coming on with hormonal changes. I feel so helpless in dealing with it some days; my brain is scattered and I’ve been unable to get myself together. I will pray fo you! I can’t imagine being in your role at a school. Hell..I’m just a parent and other parents make me want to lose my stuff.

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    1. Thank you so much! It’s been a challenge and I’m coping. Meditating with my students has been a BIG help. Thank you for pointing out that it’s just a season. Wasn’t thinking of it that way! 😘


    1. I have introduced Mindfulness to my students and practice deep breathing with them. This helps me as much as them. I do hope this will continue to get better. Thank you for your prayers and support.


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