Confession Session · Self-Reflection

It’s Been A Long Time

Hey There Sunshine!  I know you hadn’t seen me here on the blog much.  Honestly speaking, I really haven’t felt like writing.  I haven’t been journaling or writing blog posts, and that’s just not me.  Every now and then, a thought would come to mind, but it was like I had writer’s block.  I couldn’t put thought to paper.  I just felt lost.

A lot has changed over the year and I just haven’t been myself.  Personally, I’m just not liking this.  So, I’m making a conscious effort to do more of what brings me joy!  I am a true believer of bringing the positive, but with so much negativity around us, it can weigh you down.  I allowed it to get to me this year, but will set an intentional focus to stare positivity in the face!  So, watch out world!  🙂


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