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Currently August 2018


Hey there Sunshine and Hello August! 🙂  I’ve been a little incognito this summer, but I haven’t forgotten about you guys.  I’ve been pretty active on Instagram, busy with work, and practicing a lot of self-care.

I am joining Anne with her monthly Currently link-up and felt this was a good time for you to catch up with me a bit.


Following:  Counselors from all over!  I had the privilege of attending #ASCA18 , which is the American School Counselor Association national conference…. in Los Angeles, California!  This was my first time out West and I had the Best Time Ever!!!  I was able to meet and connect with counselors that I follow online, whom I’ve purchase lesson plans from, and befriended new counselors from all over!  Now, I have more counselors to follow and learn from and vise versa.  


Ordering:  I’m sure you have heard the expression “There’s no need to reinvent the wheel”.  As an educator, we take that expression very seriously.  These past two weeks have been all about sales.  Sales on lesson plans, planners to keep me organized, and books galore.  I am going back to work soon with new content to share with my students. 

Pinning:  I really haven’t been pinning anything lately other than a few food recipes.   

Watching:  America’s Got Talent and World of Dance.  They are both competition shows and I am amazed each year with the amount of talent there is in the world.  Below are videos of some of my favs from each show.

Source: YouTube

Counting:  Down the last few days of summer.  I swear the summer goes by way to fast.  It feel like the school year just ended.  I will be back to work in less than two weeks.  Praying for a successfully good school year!  Until then, I’ll continue to enjoy my time with family and friends!  Happy Summer! 🙂




8 thoughts on “Currently August 2018

  1. I’ve found some great teaching resources online. So far, I haven’t found anything that I could literally just “print and go” with, but I’ve come close. I hope your school year goes well!


    1. Sorry for the quick response earlier, I was on break at work. I work at Marshall’s part-time. Hope you were able to catch the sale and best wishes to a good year to you!


      1. No worries—I saw your reply in time! I love TPT for resources. Even when they’re full-price, I’ve snagged some great deals there. Like you said, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.


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