Currently October: Fall Is Near

Chilly mornings.  Darker evenings.  Fall is in the air.  Having these cooler days has been very nice, but the heat is soon returning.  Fall is not a true season in my area, but I’ll enjoy any minute I can get of it.

CurrentlyOctober.BeFunky Design


Styling:  Not much of anything.  I am not big into fall clothing, but I can’t wait to wear this new scarf, and the other goodies I won, in a giveaway, from Brittany of Brilliant Brittany!   She was hosting a birthday giveaway on her Instagram page back in August and I was the lucky winner!  It is way to hot to wear the scarf right now, but I can’t wait to get out and style it!

Saving:  I am no longer a slave to cable!  I’m saving a lot of money each month, now that I’ve purchased this HD antenna!  Like I mentioned in my last Currently post, I have been utilizing my Amazon Fire Stick, but just couldn’t get used to not having access to the nightly news and some of my regular season shows as they aired.  This baby has been a life saver.

TV Antennae

Searching:  For blog post ideas.  I haven’t had any ideas to piqued my interest recently.  I don’t know if work is just occupying my time too much or what, but I just haven’t been inspired to write. 


Picking:  Picking out bargains in the store?  Picking songs for my next playlist?  I don’t know.  I wish I was picking apples from an orchard or the winning numbers for the lottery.  Maybe one day.

Making:  Making the day brighter for at least one person by performing some random act of kindness!  Even if it’s just sharing my smile!  🙂


I didn’t have much to share this month, so I’m sharing a little bit of my view.  Joining Anne In Residence and others for this month’s Currently link up.

12 thoughts on “Currently October: Fall Is Near

  1. Picking the winning numbers – I love it. If you’re going to be wishing, go big 🙂 And I love that photo by the water – what a great shot and beautiful sky!


  2. The weather goes back and forth where I live, but I’m hoping it will finally give us Fall-like weather and stay that way!! It’s my favorite, and I have some fun scarves to break out too. Love all your giveaway wins!



    1. Thanks Melanie! I need to redo my post about establishing my name. It was my very first post when I was on Blogger. Sometimes a simple smile is all you need to make someone’s day brighter! 🙂


  3. LOL I wish I were picking winning lottery numbers too! 🙂 I’m jealous of your saving by giving up cable! I would love to do that but my husband isn’t convinced (it’s the sports!!). But I know you can save so much without it!


    1. Yes, it is hard at times since I can’t catch Oprah’s channel and HGTV, but I can see the shows a week later with my firestick so I’m getting used to to it. Now to find a cheaper phone plan. Lol…


  4. You cut the cord! YAY! We did it over 5 years ago. I really don’t miss it a bit.There are so many options like your antenna that help us save and watch on our time.


    1. Hey there! Yes, had to do it. I am saving about $75/month now. The only thing I miss are the HGTV and Own channels. I’m looking to find other ways to save as well. So glad the weather is getting a little cooler. Electric bill was $50 cheaper this month.


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