Coffee Talk Confession

Coffee Talk Confession


I haven’t been feeling like myself lately.  Two reasons…changes at work and I’m cramping like hell!  Sorry, I should have warned you, but oh well!

Just found out last week that I will be switching grade levels after 8 years in my current one.  Mind you, I go back to work in two weeks.  Doesn’t seem like much right?  It is!  I have to now pack up my office and move into a new one.  I can’t move until the other counselor packs up and moves into her new office.  She can’t move until the counselor in that office moves.  See the issue?!?!  Changing grade levels also means coming up with new lesson plans.  If I was informed of this in May when teachers were informed of changes, I would have had time to prepare over the summer.  So needless to say, I’m not happy about this late, not well thought out change.

How many of you suffer during your cycle?  How many of you have horrible cramps in your 40s?  I never had problems with my cycle until I turned 40 and now that I’m in my late 40s…it’s Holy Hell! UGGHHHH!! I literally feel like I’m in having contractions and in labor!  Can you imagine how irritable I’ve been lately! I will be asking my physician for something stronger than over the counter meds real soon!

Well that’s what I’ve been dealing with lately.  I appreciate you allowing me to vent and get these feelings/emotions out.  Just keeping it real!


8 thoughts on “Coffee Talk Confession

    1. Yeah, I’m trying to stay positive, but its hard. I have gone in twice this week to try and pack and can’t get into my office…bummer. I have to wait until next week which is limited because I have plans for my birthday.


  1. Oh wow that is a lot going on. That stinks that you have to move 2 weeks before school starts. I am sorry. I hope the next coming weeks are less eventful!


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