About Me

Hey There!  I guess after blogging for over a year now, I could at least introduce myself.  🙂

I really don’t know what to say here.  I feel like I’m on an interview being asked, “Tell me about yourself.”  I never know how to answer that question, do you?  I’m so glad the days of interviewing are behind me.  At least I hope.

So let’s see…I’m a mother to twin boys.  I’m a middle school counselor.  This is my 20th year and I love it.  Middle school has its pros and cons, but I love working with this age group.

I enjoy life and positive living.  Life is too short to be weighed down by negativity.  I love spending time with family and friends and love meeting new people.

I love to laugh.  It is my own personal form of communication with others.  Laughter to me is a universal language of friendship.  For those who know me they know me best through my laughter.  Its more than just a chuckle or a grimace on my face.  It’s an embodiment of my soul that I share with others.  

I have never been much of a writer and never quite understood how to write until the constant redo of papers in college with red marks.  I still feel that some of my professors were extremely harsh and just didn’t like my style.  Throughout the years, we grew to compromise.

I began blogging as a way of expressing my
inner most thoughts with others.  Its like having a personal diary with the world.  I would review places I’d visited on various sites and received good feedback.  I would read other blogs and get inspired by them.  Sometimes I noticed my comments could be long winded and felt I needed to have a place to write when that fire was lit under me.

When I first began, I really didn’t have a clear focus and to be honest…I still don’t.  I just write from my heart about my everyday journeys adventures.  Random thoughts come to mind and I begin to write.  Sometimes, I can see a vision for an item, but don’t quite know where to begin.  So, I just quickly jot something down in case more thoughts on the issue come up later, which has happened.

So what can you expect here at Sunshine and Elephants?  A bunch of random thoughts, with honest details, that sum up this quirky thing I call life!  I want my readers to get a sense of self-acceptance.  Its okay to be you because no one else can do it better.  Thanks for stopping by and come again soon.