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Fall Box Swap Reveal 2018

I don’t know about you, but I love receiving happy mail!  There’s something about receiving gifts in the mail.  My friends, Dean and Ashley, host the Sweet Progress Box Swap exchange and I look forward to participating each time.

I was very excited to be paired with Beth of Coffee Until Cocktails!  Beth and I have been getting to know each other online for about a year now.  She is such a sweet and witty person, with an infectious love for life!  I had a great time shopping for her and was excited to open the box I received from her!

Take a look at the goodies I received!

Fallboxswap2018 (1).jpg

Look how well this little duo represents my name!  Beth really hit the spot with this one!


Looking forward to using the bath bomb.  Surprisingly, I have purchased these for others, but have never used them for myself.  The time has come.  🙂

  And look at this fun bunch of goodies!  A message of gratefulness which is something I try to remember daily.  In fact, over on Instagram, me and other counselors are staying grounded in gratitude by sharing a daily picture representing the gratitude photo challenge.  It’s sponsered by @confidentcounselors and the hashtag is #confidentcounselorgratitudechallenge.  Be sure to pop over and check it out!


Ironically, I was in need of a new nail file and nail polish is always fun!  The FUN sign and my initial will work perfectly in my office at work!  I might even hang the L on my tree for Christmas!  And, did you notice my favorite CHOCOLATE!  Surprisingly, I haven’t eaten it yet!

Thank you for all my goodies, Beth!  I truly enjoyed my box and hope you enjoy everything I sent your way! 

11 thoughts on “Fall Box Swap Reveal 2018

  1. So sweet!! Every single time I see elephants I think of you Miss Lowanda. 🙂 If I was a rich woman you’d have so much elephant mail. 🙂
    Beth did such a wonderful job of getting you in a box.


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