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TBB Asks: February~All About Love!

February is here and Love is in the air!  But shouldn’t it always be?  Just saying! 😊

I’m joining The Blended Blog with their monthly TBB Asks series and this month is all about love.  This link up is a great way to get to know others, old and new.  So why don’t you come along and let us get to know you, too!


*Kisses or Hugs?  Why not both!  I love kisses and I definitely love hugs! I’m not just talking about sensual hugs and kisses, but also the friendly hug to greet love ones and friends.  The kiss on the cheek of a baby.  The loving touch that connects us as humans.

* Since question 10 talks about chocolate, it’s definitely flowers for me.  I treat myself to fresh flowers from time to time.  The beauty of them brings a smile to my face and they make me happy inside.

* I love cooking!  As I was making Sunday dinner, I was thinking I should have gone to culinary school.  I love trying new recipes and sharing my culinary treats with others.  I enjoy baking as well, but it can be taxing at times and if you make one mistake, it’s not easy (if at all) to go back and correct.

* When I first read this question, my face instantly frowned.  My first kiss was with a friend who I had no romantic connection to and had no desire to date.  We kissed because he wanted to because all of his friends had kissed before and he felt left out when they talked.  It was awkward and blah.  Note to my younger self:  You don’t have to do things for others to make them feel good.

* I absolutely love RED roses!  Red is one of my favorite colors and when I think of roses it’s the first color that comes to mind.

* I must say no to conversation hearts unless it’s being used as part of a game.  I am not a big candy eater.  As a child, I enjoyed them because it was the thing to do for Valentine’s Day.

* Do I leave love notes?  Not necessarily notes.   I send cards to my parents and children each year!  I am not romantically involved with anyone, but if I were I would leave notes for them as well.

* I do not decorate for Valentine’s Day, but I do love seeing all the decorations around me.  I am usually so busy in January, note the 6th bullet from my last post, that I barely have time to think about anything else.  I know I need to do better.

* Lol, I think you already know the answer to this one…RED baby!

* Okay, now this is probably my favorite question this month.  I absolutely, positively love Chocolate!!!  Dark chocolate is so good with red wine!  White chocolate is such a great dessert addition  I love melting milk chocolate chips and adding walnuts and a scoop of Breyers Vanilla Bean ice cream as a nice little treat to myself! In fact, I just did this after dinner today! 💕💕


* I don’t know about love at first sight.  I think you can be attracted to someone that they constantly run through your mind, but love, to me, will develope over time.

* I think it depends on the receiver, but mostly serious cards.

* Oh my gosh! Two instantly come to mind!  When a Man Loves a Woman, with Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia…ohh…such a good movie!  50 First Dates, with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler.  Such a funny, romantic comedy!  These two are my all-time favorites!  p33587_p_v8_ab.jpg


* After being stuck in the house with the flu last week, I am definitely in the mood for adult interaction.  I say go out even if it’s just with friends.  I think of Valentine’s Day as Galentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day.  I have celebrated both in recent years because the love of friends is just as fulfilling!  I have exchanged gifts with my gal pals and gone out to dinner with all of my single friends.  It’s a great way to not let “the hype” spoil your mood.  Here’s a post for those who may be single like me.

Well that’s enough about me.  What about you?  Would love for you to share below.


4 thoughts on “TBB Asks: February~All About Love!

  1. I spent many years as a single lady, and I wish the idea of Galentine’s Day had been more popular back then. It can be a lonely holiday! I haven’t seen either of those movies, so I need to check them out!


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