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Holiday Confession Session

Happy Holidays Everyone!  I know it has been extremely quiet around here and honestly I haven’t really felt an urge to write.  I am now working two jobs and my work week has become very busy.  As of September, I became an associate at one of my favorite places to shop…Marshalls!  I am enjoying the benefits of working there, but it is mostly out of necessity.  Do you recall me mentioning that both of my boys graduated from college last year?  Well, those student loan payments have kicked in.  So, you may be hearing less from Sunshine and Elephants for awhile, but I promise to share a bit of life from time to time.


Darius grad_picmonkeyed


How have your holidays been going so far?  I was blessed to be able to spend Christmas with my boys.  My mother was ill prior to, but managed to come down for a few hours to spend time with us as well.  The boys and I spent time together worshiping at church, catching up on some movies, and just spending great quality time with each other.  I actually cried when the younger of the two left to head back to Charlotte.  I will be making my way up there to see him soon.  🙂

Well that’s all for now.  I plan to be back soon.  Hoping the rest of the holiday season is well for all of you and many wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!


4 thoughts on “Holiday Confession Session

  1. how lovely. I bet you’re specially proud of your sons this holidays… have fun at Marshalls. I worked retail for years as a second job and it was fun. After retiring from my real job, now I get to make art and teach others to be creative! What fun that is too! LeeAnna at not afraid of color


  2. I am proud of them. Now if they can only find full-time jobs in their major. 🙂 I enjoy working at Marshalls, I just have to talk myself out of buying things I don’t nee. Lol… thanks for stopping by!


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