Glossies Made Me Do It

Glossies Made Me Do It: Whole Blends


What do you do when your glossy offers you a free sample of shampoo and conditioner right between it’s pages?  What else?  You try it!


My May 2017 edition of Shape magazine offered a .34 fl oz shampoo and conditioner sample from Garnier called Whole Blends.  Whole Blends is a replenishing, silicone-free formula made with virgin-pressed olive oil and olive leaf extracts.  Its claim is to repair and restore dry, depleted hair.

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Oh.My.Gosh!!!  This stuff is AWESOME!!!  The shampoo lathers very well and has a very pleasing, fresh scent.  After shampooing, my hair felt silky soft and was not tangled a bit!  It felt like I had already conditioned my hair…which is needed, by the way!  Usually, my hair is clean, but is still tangled.  The conditioner was thick and light and covered my hair well.  It too has a pleasing scent and left my hair very manageable!


If you hair is in need of intense care, or you are just looking to keep your hair in great condition, then you should be trying Whole Blends.  Garnier is known for having great products. I have used others in the past and highly recommend this product!  

So what has a Glossey made you do lately?



16 thoughts on “Glossies Made Me Do It: Whole Blends

  1. Visiting from the Sitsgirls this AM. What an amusing post. I can’t recall a specific occasion where a glossy add made me buy/try something. But I’m sure this same thing has happened to me many many times. Lol! By the way, Garnier does have awesome products. I have a few of them myself.


    1. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by! I have purchased a few beauty items because of a glossy ad. This link up has caused me to read my magazines in a more timely manner!


  2. I love collecting these types of samples to add to hotel size stash and then donate to the school pantry where they use them to hand out. Thanks for linking with us at Royally Waiting!


    1. I don’t have one for this month. I read 3 magazines and nothing inspired me. I think I was too busy with testing and the end of the school year activities that I couldn’t really focus on it.


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