Glossies Made Me Do It: Beauty Myths Busted


Hey Guys!  Lowanda here, back for another edition of Glossies Made Me Do It.  This linky is hosted by Lauren, Ashley, and Erika and what a fun linky it is!  I’ve been pinning a lot lately and taking photos of things that I’ve been doing and then I realized…I  didn’t have any photos of anything I was convinced to do from a glossy or a magazine!  I found a few things that I wanted to do, but never really found the time to do them.  So this is the short version of my glossy this month.

0415170011 (1).jpg


I was upset with myself because I decided to bust some beauty myths I came across in the April 2017 edition of Shape Magazine.  Myth 1:  Red lipstick isn’t for everyone and Myth 2:  You can’t wear black eyeliner during the day.  Instantly, when I saw this I was like, “What? Do people actually think this?”  

Please disregard the weird expression.  Just want to be sure you can see the makeup.

For starters, red is a color that looks good on every skin tone.  There are so many variations of the color that I’m sure you can find the right one for you.  Secondly, black eyeliner is all I wear.  I use black eyeliner because it really emphasizes my eyes best.  I’ve tried brown liner, but it just gets lost within my skin tone.

Sorry so grainy.  

Now back to the reason I was upset.  I got all dolled up, for a friends retirement party, and had worn some really nice red lipstick and I can’t find a single picture from that evening!  I think they were all taken on someone else’s phone.  So today, I decided to wear the lipstick so I could complete this post.  I don’t normally wear red unless I am going out to a special event.  So it felt kind of odd at first, but then it started to grow on me.  


So, when it comes to wearing makeup, I feel you should do what you do and what looks good on you is all that matters.  Some people like to jazz it up with the hot new colors that are out there now, but that’s not my style.  But it can definitely be yours so You Do You because NO ONE Can Do YOU Better!  I like to keep it cool, calm and classic.  Honestly, I’m a minimalist at best!  



So I hope you enjoyed this and have to ask…What has a glossy made you do lately?



16 thoughts on “Glossies Made Me Do It: Beauty Myths Busted

  1. Thanks for linking up again! I love this topic – and you look great with black eyeliner and red lips! I need to play around with makeup more. I stopped doing eyeliner years back because my eyes squint (and I have glasses) so it closes my eyes even more. I’ve heard white works better, but I’ve never tried it!



    1. Thanks! Many times I don’t wear eyeliner when I wear my glasses so I feel you on that one. You should experiment though to see if you can find some way to contour or highlight it…I don’t know the right terminology. Lol…


    1. Thanks! I would never wear red until a couple of years ago. I just felt it was too much and then when I wore it I got so many compliments! This is a neat link up so you need to get to looking in those magazines!


  2. So, apparently I’m not supposed to wear black eyeliner during the day? Who decided that crazy nonsense? How frustrating – everyone should feel comfortable wearing whatever they want to! I’m glad you busted those really annoying myths, and you look awesome in your red lipstick and black eyeliner!


    1. I feel I look tired too! Yes, I love the matte look just not the feel. I have to moisten my lips a lot after wearing it and put on a very little Vaseline right after brushing my teeth. Then by the time I get ready to apply it, the lipstick isn’t too dry. 🙂


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