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Surprise Egg Hunt

I am so excited to present this post to all of you.

After writing my last post, I couldn’t get Easter egg hunts out of my head!  I decided that my last lesson, before Spring Break, would be all about Easter!  My last lesson is with our special needs students, and what better way to end the week than with an Easter Egg Hunt!  The kids are going to be so surprised!  I can’t wait!


I have been so excited about doing this!  I started researching cute and fun ideas on Pinterest and I found some doozies!  With the help of Fun-A-Day.com and her cool bunny bags, and A Mom’s Take, with her cute idea to spice up the hunt, AND Life As Mom with her cute idea to have yokes inside the egg that serves as money to trade for some cool loot!  My mind was blown with all the ideas readily available!  I put together what would work best for me, and ran with it!


Did I mentioned I also had balloons? 🙂

I put together these cute bags.  I mentioned them in my last Currently post.  They were a hit, even though they looked more like mice than bunnies!  🙂

I handed the kids their scavenger hunt sheets to follow.  We reviewed these before we started the hunt.  Each person could get 6 eggs; One of each color. (Blue egg pic did not come out right).   I made sure to place the same treat in the same corresponding egg.  You can see from the pictures what I mean.  I wanted to make sure that each of them received the same things so no one would feel slighted. 

After the hunt, everyone was able to open their eggs to see their treats and turn in their yolk money for prizes.  I had a host of fun things for them to choose from.  From sidewalk chalk to bubbles and a few coloring packets, too!  


Then everyone was able to munch on some Bunny Munch which I forgot to take a pic of.  So, I’ll share the one from Passion For Savings I also found while searching Pinterest.  It was delicious!  🙂


I wish I could share their pics with you, but I can tell you we had a lot of fun!   I received a lot of hugs and thank-yous for this event!  

 What are some fun ideas you’ve done for an Easter egg hunt?  

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20 thoughts on “Surprise Egg Hunt

    1. It was very sweet. I had a mouthful, but everyone else ate it up. I did rice crispy treats for the 2nd group with the M &Ms and that was tasty as well! Happy Easter!


  1. This looks like a lot of fun. I love the idea of each kid getting the same thing. We went to an Easter egg hunt last week that had some eggs with prize vouchers in them. Lots of fun! Stopping by from the This is How We Roll link up.


    1. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! It has been a long time since I’ve participated in a hunt. I help a friend with her kids about 5 years ago so putting this together was so much fun! See the smiles on the kids faces was all that mattered. I wish I could have posted their picture!


    1. Thanks LaKita! They were fun to make and the kids loved them! I wish I could have shared their picture, but some of the kids didn’t get parent permission for me to post so I didn’t share any.


    1. They did have a blast! I saw you were a consultant and it sounds interesting. I was wondering if it would be a better idea to host close to the beginning of the school year when teachers (all my friends) start to purchase items for their classes. I’m going to send you my email in a DM on Instagram.


    1. Aww, thanks so much for the kind words, Dean! I’m sure I’m not doing any more than other counselors out there! This is one of the highlights of our jobs…doing fun things for and with the kids! 🙂


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