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A Single Lady’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

 February is quickly approaching.  Who can’t help but think of that one day  everyone will be faced with whether single or in a relationship…Valentine’s Day.  I began thinking about it, mid-January, when a friend stated something about Singles Awareness Day.  It through me off at first, but then I had to chuckle to myself, when I realized what they were talking about.

Some people may see this day as a day for lovers.  Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, too.  Here are some fun activities to do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day.

Host a girls’ night in.  No matter your age, it’s always fun to have your friends over, so why not on Valentine’s Day.  Being in the comfort of your own home is always a plus.  Make it a movie night or a spa party.  You don’t have to put all the responsibility on yourself.  Ask everyone to bring a dish and provide the drinks.  Pop the bubblies and have some fun!


Plan a painting party.  Contact your local Wine and Design, Bottles ‘n Brushes, or whatever the name of a painting and beverage place in your area.  Painting is a great way to relax and/or let loose with family and friends.

Painting party.jpg

Share the love.  Take supplies to a local shelter and show them that they are being thought of as well.  Include some candy and Valentine’s cards. Be sure to call ahead to find out the number of people living there so everyone gets a treat!

Pamper Yourself!  It can be a little intimidating to be alone on Valentine’s Day, but you deserve some TLC as well.  Spend the day showing yourself some love.  Go get your nails done.  Get a professional massage.  Get  your hair done.  There’s nothing better than being able to relax and allowing the hands of others to make you feel beautiful!  Now, don’t let the fun end there.  Take yourself to see a movie and don’t forget to grab a bite to eat. If you don’t want to eat out alone, order some take-out to eat at home with your favorite beverage.


What ideas do you have for Valentine’s Day?

 Please share below.  I’d love to hear about them!

44 thoughts on “A Single Lady’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

  1. Great ideas! And you don’t even have to be single to do some of these. Just tell your significant other your spending V-day with your girl friends. You can celebrate V-day any day of the week, but it’s not often you get to make your girl friends (especially single ones) feel loved and special to you by giving up the most “loving” day of the year with your s/o.


  2. Great ideas! Other than giving my kids valentines and of course the dreaded classroom party, I actually do nothing else on Valentine’s day. I think I would enjoy pretty much all of these! Thanks for sharing your post at the #happynowlinkup


    1. More fun than you’ll ever know! You just give it a try some time soon! My last one, my friends and I celebrated a birthday and made candles and sugar scrubs! The time before we had facials and pedicures.


  3. Such cute ideas, and bless you for reaching out to other single women on Valentines Day. It’s really so sweet of you. I have a friend who is newly divorced this year and just dreading this holiday. I hope she’s surrounded with people like you! Happy Saturday! Megs


    1. Please be sure to share this post with her. Tell her that this is a new journey in life, but it doesn’t mean that life is over. Self love is even more important now and she should not deny herself.

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  4. Spending time with friends is just as good, or even better! I like to spend Valentine’s Day on my own with a good movie (or few) and some movie snacks. Well, that’s pretty much how I like to spend a lot of holidays lol.


  5. I love Mandy’s idea about telling your significant other that you are going to celebrate Valentine’s day with your friends. I don’t think that Valentine’s day has to be about a relationship with a significant other! These are great idea’s for any group of friends! Thanks! #bloggybrunch


  6. Hi, just popping over to let you know that your post has been featured at our Valentine’s Day Blog Hop. Congratulations and keep on inspiring others with your warm spirit!


  7. The single problem is common problem on February. Every single man and women fall in depression this time. Every single person just thought that what they do this time. They fell alone this time. Your guide and your tips very effective on this time for the all single person. All the tips is are useful for some places but If you want you can got the global solution on the single problem. Thanks for sharing your information.


  8. You nailed it!!! Don’t sit around all blue because you are single. I was that single girl for many years. My friend and I always went to a good slasher film!!! Thanks for linking up to #trafficjamweekend!


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