My Christmas Wish List

My Wish List

With the holiday season upon us, I’ve only been thinking about what to get my sons for Christmas.  With one son’s college graduation in a few days, plans for him have taken up most of my time.  There are a few things I’ve been thinking about gifting myself and just the other night, I was asked what I wanted for Christmas.  I don’t usually expect anything for Christmas because my kids are still in school and don’t have a steady job, but every Christmas they manage to get me a little something.  This year, I decided to make a list of things that I would actually need and/or want in case there’s a Secret Santa out there wondering what to gift me!  🙂

Chef’D: Fresh, gourmet meals delivered to your door. You’ll be cooking like a profession chef in no time.  Love this one because you don’t have to get a monthly subscription. Click this link to get $10 off your first order…

Harry and David Gift Basket:  Who wouldn’t love a nice gift basket filled with all the goodies to keep you and your tummy happy.

Neck Massager :  Day to day stress can put a strain on my neck.  This massager would do the trick to smooth out all the knots.

Coffee Maker:  Sometimes I don’t have time to run to Starbucks.  Other times, I just want to relax with my own concoction.  Program it to wake up to a fresh brew when needed.

Winc Wine Gift Card:  Well, If you really know me, then you would know that I am a wine lover.  What better way to discover new, personalized wine designed for your taste palatte!  I’d love to share a bottle with you!  Try a bottle on me…  you won’t be disappointed!  

Starbucks Gift Card:  Need I say more?  🙂

Rewined Candles:  Re-purposed wine bottles with a scent that mimics wine!  Ahhh…

Beats Earbuds:  For the best sound around.  Help me get my groove on!  Hehehe.

Movie Passes:  There’s always something good to see!

What’s on your wishlist?  






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