Thank You Notes: Red Ribbon Week and Internet Safety

Thank you teachers for making Red Ribbon Week a blast!  I really need to step up my game next year when it comes to planning for the theme days.  Check out some of my favorites.

Techno-Geek Superhero Day
Throwback Thursday
Crazy Socks Day
Techno-Geek Superhero Day
Wear Red Day

Thank you teachers and students for participating in the door decorating contest.  The national theme was #YOLO, You Only Live Once.  Find positive ways to have fun without alcohol and drugs.  I think they did a good job!



Our Overall Winner

Thank you students for taking my Cyber-bullying lesson seriously and understanding the importance of Internet Safety.  This is one of my favorite lessons to present to my students.  Middle school can be the most challenging years in a preteen/teenagers life.  Ask any parent out there.  They will tell you how difficult it is to raise kids nowadays.  Hopefully, the lessons I present along the way will help them in some manner.  I will be posting an outline of my lesson soon, so stay tuned!


Do you celebrate Red Ribbon Week at your school?  How are you educating your students about cyber-bullying and how to be safe while online?



16 thoughts on “Thank You Notes: Red Ribbon Week and Internet Safety

    1. I look forward to this lesson each year. Teens think they know it all about social media and once I present my lesson they tell me how much more they have learned and many are protecting themselves better when online. Check out my latest post.


  1. The door decorating contest is such a great way to get the message out. The cat door is especialy creative! Thanks for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!


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