Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes: Features, Super Moon, Music

It’s the weekend and its time for me to show thanks for all that has happened this week.  Well, its been awhile since I’ve written a thank you note, so I will be covering more than a few weeks within this post.   I am linking up with Mrs. AOK for her weekly Thank You Notes.

Thank you Bloggy Brunch crew and Happy Now crew for selecting my popcorn + wine post as a feature on your link ups a few weeks ago.  skinnypop2

I was scrolling through to add a new post and saw the nice surprise waiting for me.  Join Pam, Nora, and Alex for #bloggybrunch on Sundays…

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 and join Jen, Leslie, and Ashley for The Happy Now Link Up on Tuesdays!

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Thank you fellow bloggers/readers for making Overwhelmed the most viewed post on Traffic Jam Weekend this past week.


Thank you Hurricane Matthew for not causing any major damage in our area and for sparing my father’s shop from any damage that could have been caused by the tree that fell on it.  Thank you for sparing my grandmother’s house as well.



Trees blocking the road.  One curves, the other is straight.  So many fell that they look like part of the woods. This is right beside my parent’s home.

Thank you Super Moon for lighting the night’s sky so brightly last weekend.

Tonight's #moon. Stunning! #supermoon2016 #fullmoon #moonpics

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Thank you, The Voice, for sharing some of the world’s most talented singers with the rest of the world.  I love how the coaches total embrace their passion for music and instruct, train, guide the contestants to be better than they already are.  Did you see this weeks performances?  They will blow you away!

Thank you Toulouse for making such a beautiful rendition of “I Will Follow You,” and thank you iPhone for showcasing it on your touching commercial displaying how well expressive messaging is on the new iPhone 7.  This song is so beautiful.  It really touches my soul.

Do you have any Thank You Notes to share?


14 thoughts on “Thank You Notes: Features, Super Moon, Music

  1. Loving your Thank You Notes!! 🙂
    Thank you, for joining me!!
    Thank goodness your dad’s shop was spared indeed. I’m so glad you and your family are safe.
    Those parties sound fun! I need jump in. Congrats on getting featured!
    iPhone has been slaying with their commercials. Although, the new update is slaying my phone ::rolls eyes:: Moving on… I NEED to catch up on The Voice!! I love that show too.
    Wishing you a beautiful week!!


    1. I’ve gotten so slack about taking pictures that I don’t have the lovely posts like you do each week. I love how you capture the moments with your family. Yes, dad’s shop didn’t get damaged at all. I need to check on Grandma’s and make sure it didn’t damage her roof. I am a droid person, so I live in ahhh of everyone else with the iPhones. And each season of The Voice gets better and better. Love it! Have a great week! 🙂


    1. Thanks Ida and thanks for stopping by! Yes, my parents were without power for 5 days due to snapped power lines and trees tossed over like nothing. Glad the madness is over.


    1. I was so worried about my windows breaking and water getting in. I’m in the Charleston area. I came further inland like they recommended, but I feel their area had more damage than we did. My family was blessed that there wasn’t any damage.


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