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National Ice Cream Month

I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!  July is National Ice Cream month and I couldn’t be more excited! If I had my way, every month would be ice cream month and actually in my house it is! Ice cream is a normal staple in my home.  It is the best way to beat the heat. So, what about those winter months? Yes, ice cream is still there!  It’s never too cold for ice cream!

I’m celebrating National Ice Cream month by sharing all this yummy goodness with friends and family. What better way to celebrate than with the smooth, creamy taste of  Mayfield!  I was so happy when I was informed by Influenster that I would be receiving coupons to purchase my Mayfield ice cream and was pleasantly surprised to also receive this personalized scoop.  I rushed to the store to make my purchase.

My first thought was to go with my all-time favorite flavor, vanilla, because I can top it with anything I want. Once I got to the store, I decided to try some different flavors.  Well as you can see, the shelves were nearly bare, so I’m not the only one enjoying this #MayfieldSummer.

 I decided to go with Cookies & Cream and Butter Pecan.  Butter Pecan is a childhood favorite. It was pretty much all my mom would buy so I naturally grew to love it.  Cookies & Cream is like dunking an oreo into my milk , so I couldn’t resist.  And it taste great with brownies!

These hot summer days call for a quick and delicious treat.  It’s like having a little mini party with myself.  But that’s no fun, so I decided to share.

I’m also sharing an ice cream party in a box as a thank you to one of  sweet friends who is always so supportive!  Her kindness is infectious and I just wanted to send a little sunshine her way.  I won’t be revealing who it is here because it is a surprise, but my Pinterest board will give you an idea of what she’s receiving.  Similar to the box below.  I can’t wait till she receives her sweet surprise!

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So how are you celebrating National Ice Cream Month?  I would love to hear below.
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