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My Sunday Photo: Happy Birthday Mom

This is a monumental year for my mom, she turned the big 7-0 ten days ago.  70 years young she is!  Doesn’t she look great for her age?  Mom is not one for taking pictures and social media…that’s a faux pas.  When I spoke with her that Thursday evening, she had already heard that I had photos of her on Facebook.  I wished her a happy birthday and she then asked, “Do you have my pictures on Facebook?”  I was like, “I sure do.  I love showing off my mom!”   All she could do was chuckle.  She is in the era where you “do not trust the internet”, but she knows that my generation and those younger are social media junkies so she just shakes her head.  I was not able to see my mom until last Sunday and she was not feeling well enough to take pictures so I am sharing with you some of my favorites from other events.  Sorry for the grainy pics from cropping, but my mom is still beautiful!

Cropped this one at my grandmother’s 86 year celebration…2 years ago.
She and my dad dancing at my cousin’s wedding!
Cropped from my cousin’s wedding.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.  Anything interesting happening with you?

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