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Currently April


Making: Plans for the wine party I’m hosting.  Well at least that’s what I was doing when I began this post.  Party was held and we all enjoyed!  Cheers!  🙂 

Wishlisting:  on Pinterest. Just a few of the things that I’m loving right now.  I need to get back to pinning.  

Cleaning: Out my junk room or my catch all room or my…well you get the picture.

Posting:  this currently post, duh!!  No seriously, posting a whole lot of pics on Instagram in March.  Wow!  March was a very busy and exciting month for me.  Did you see my pics from Charleston Fashion Week? 

Tasting: Some new wine…Funk Zone Rose’.  This was the perfect wine to welcome in spring.  Its from Santa Barbara County, California and it is a very full-bodied, fruity wine that everyone would enjoy.  I also attended a wine tasting at one of my favorite local hangouts, Accent On Wine.  Such a lovely, quaint spot to unwind.  Over spring break, some friends and I checked out a new spot, SIP, and enjoyed their bottomless mimosas! 

So what are you currently up to?  
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