Wino Wednesday: Biltmore Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

love is in the air, pink and red hearts, hugs and kisses XOXO, 
sweets of all kinds, CHOCOLATE, 
snuggles and warmth
A rich, tasty Cabernet,
to drink alone or better to share with others.
Winemaker’s Notes:  
Remarkably smooth with rich vanilla aromas, lush cherry flavors, and soft lingering tannins.  Its middle to full bodied and has been oaked-aged.  
Pairs well with beef, lamb, cheddar and Gouda cheeses, chocolate cake, Italian dishes and squash dishes. 

Tonight I’m enjoying it with pizza!

My thoughts:

The color is a dark berry.  Very smooth and mellow.  The first taste tantalized my senses. There were hints of cherry and a slight oak.  I was enjoying it alone and instantly wanted to share it with someone.  Next bottle will be for a dinner party; too good to keep to myself.  Very pleasant to drink and it goes down easy. Reasonably priced at Sam’s for about $10

Have you tried this Cabernet?  Do you have one to recommend? Please share below.


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