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Currently February


Hey it’s February, the month of love.  There’s a little bit of love in this post, but I just wanted to share a little bit of what’s going on with me recently.  

Celebrating:  It’s National School Counseling Week!  Have you thanked your child’s School Counselor?  🙂


Subscribing:  To Club W!  My newest, soon to be addiction.  Everyone knows how much I love wine and I think I came across a great deal.  You can read more on how I feel about Club W here.  I would love for you to try it and I’m offering you a free bottle.  Simply highlight and right click on this link  https://www.clubw.com/w5n1unwsvx  and select go to in order to access an experience like no other.  

Sending:  Hand written notes to my sons.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  I don’t go all out with gifts as I did when they were younger, but notes and cards are always there for me to share with them.  

Well, that’s all I have to share for now.  Come back soon to catch up on more of my little tidbits.

What are you Currently up to?

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