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My Sunday Photo ~ Full Moons.

Happy Halloween.  This week was the week of full moons.  I was captivated by the moon on Wednesday night.  It was almost directly over my house and its rays gleamed in through the window above my front door.  It was calming yet haunting…its hard to explain.  I went to a lower window to snap its picture, but as I mentioned it was so far overhead that the only way I could capture it was by positioning myself diagonally below that upper window.  It was already after 11pm and I was not stepping out of my house that late.  This is the beauty I speak of.

The next evening was yet another beautiful image.  Again it was late, but I just had to open my  front door to capture it.  This time the moon was angled in front of my house so I felt more comfortable about taking the picture.  This image was even more beautiful than the one the night before.  Both nights were cloudy and I did not use a filter on either of them.  I almost missed this shot.  Within seconds of snapping it, the clouds quickly shifted across and it disappeared for awhile.  The first picture has a smokey gray aurora and this one looks clear like the ocean blue.

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