September Via Instagram

When I began to write this post, I realized the lack of variety in the pictures I posted on Instagram this month.  I usually have more pictures to choose from or a variety of events displayed.   Many of these have been used in post that I have recently posted. Oh well, just goes to show, you can never get enough of a good thing.  🙂

Starting My day with @Starbucks! My first #psl of the year! That’s pumpkin spice latte for those who don’t know. #yummygoodness  #pumpkinspicelatte  

September 11th will always be plastered in my mind. I can remember the news report that took over our screens. I remember one of my students running to me to check on his uncle who worked there. He didn’t go in that day. I can remember my cousin being frantic about one of the planes which her best friend was suppose to be on. She too didn’t go into work that day. But to all the men and women who did…today we pay homage. #neverforgotten #September11  #alwaysinourhearts  #BloggersGetSocial

Charleston Strong! Tribute to the #charlestonemanuel9 on September 11 when we pay homage to those who lost their lives 14 years ago. God bless!!  #Charleston   #charlestonliving  #emanuelamechurch  #charlestonlife  #charlestonstrong    #charlestonunited  #BloggersGetSocial  #neverforget  #chs  #sweetsummerville

At 7:55 this morning, #theweatherchannel presented me with this lovely picture. Some nice iced coffee on the verge of a brisk fall like day. Just thought I would share it with you. Can’t believe it’s reporting a high of 76 today for#Charleston.   Great #weather!  #fallisnear #BloggersGetSocial

  A beautiful day today.  Took time for myself and enjoyed the outdoors.   #Charleston #chs #charlestonliving #thebattery #awayoflife #sunnyday 
Celebrated with this little one.  Ari is one.  #HappyBirthday #firstbirthday
How did you spend your September?
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