Currently August Vol. 3

I’m really starting to get into posting a weekly update of my everyday life.  Don’t know how long this will last, but thanks for stopping by to see.


Meeting:  Today, I had the pleasure of meeting my online friend and blogger, Michelle, of Grammie Time!  She was visiting family down in my “neck of the woods” and she contacted me to met for lunch.  I first met Michelle through her blog.  Her inspiring words and fun-loving personality instantly caught my attention. Shes very family oriented and is a wine lover like me.  Obviously, she felt the same about me because we instantly connected.  We developed a friendship online and its great to know that we have a genuinely, real friendship.  I’m looking forward to many more meetups!

Listening to:   A little bit of everything.  I love all genres of music from Jazz to Country.  Good music is good music. 

Receiving:  Gifts from my sons.  A grab bag of goodies.  🙂

Cooking:  Now that I’m back at work, I’m trying to be more proactive with my time by preparing my meals in advance.  Today, I am cooking stuffed flank steak and mesquite spare ribs.  Yum!

Watching:  Tonight’s sunset.  I’m crazy about these things.

How are you currently spending your time?  Share with me below.

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